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        Over the last few years, Consumers were forced to get their TV Channels from one or maximum 2 providers that provided Arabic Channels, The lack of other options forced us to get our Arabic Channels from these providers who provided limited amount of channels so it was no need to make any decision. However, As the the industry grew, the IPTV came along bringing more options that force consumers to make a decision, What company is the best one? who provides the best service? should i buy from this or that company? many questions has been raised and each company claims to have the best service. 
Reliable, affordable and headache less is the type of service we all need, as you surf the internet, you can find plenty of companies which confused consumers, some offer cheaper price but less channels, others offer high price with plenty of channels, some even offer lower price with plenty of channels. As you narrow down your search, you will find that there are only 2 or 3 companies to choose from the expensive one with the channels you desire, the cheap one with the one time payment or the affordable one that provides your favorite Arabic channels. Therefore, another problems has been raised, they all claim to have the best service which company should i choose? 
 Your Arabic IPTV is one of the Arabic IPTV providers in the US that has been successfully earning the Arabic, Turkish, Iranian and Kirdish communitie's trust. Providing high quality channels, affordable price and reliable service are what made Your Arabic IPTV different than any other provider. It offers customers flexibility in doing business with them such as, 7 days free trail which allow customers to use its products for 7 days to try it. However, if a customer is unhappy with the product, can easily return it with "no question ask policy".
Another factor which is the most advanced feature is the excitement of the HD Channels, wither you are watching your favorite soccer game or your awesome TV show, HD Channels will give you more excitement and entertaining experience than ever before. Your Arabic IPTV offers more HD channels than all competitors combined. Furthermore, Over 20,000 shows and movies on demand is pretty unique feature, that no other company offers. it offers thousands of Arabic movies, TV shows, radio channels and more than one can remember, free of charge to all customer. Free shipping that Your Arabic IPTV™ offers from time to time is also great money saver, especially to the ones live in farther states who normally have to spend approximately $20 to $40 for shipping. Wifi builtin ,Youtube, Shahed.net, News notifications and many other features are all included in its products.